MedTech Member


Muhammad Satrio Utomo, S.T., M.Sc

Secretary of Medical Technology Cluster IMERI FMUI/ Researcher



Curriculum Vitae


Medical Physics FMUI

Research Group

Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Medical Instrumentation

Interests and Specialties

Lab-on-chip, Mechanobiology


  • The effect of patellar groove on mechanical performance of femoral components. Muhammad S Utomo, Daniel P Malau, Dhyah Annur, Talitha Asmaria, Muhammad I Amal, Sugeng Supriadi, Ahmad J Rahyussalim, Yogi Prabowo. AIP Conference Proceedings 2227 (1), 020008. 2020.
  • Computational mechanics of porous magnesium alloy as Herbert compression screw for hallux valgus osteotomy. MS Utomo, Y Whulanza, FP Lestari, A Erryani, I Kartika. AIP Conference Proceedings 2232 (1), 070004. 2020
  • Maskless visible-light photolithography of copper microheater for dynamic microbioreactor. Muhammad Satrio Utomo, Yudan Whulanza, Gandjar Kiswanto. AIP Conference Proceedings 2193 (1), 050013. 2019.
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