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Prasandhya Astagiri Yusuf, S.Si, M.T, Ph.D

Head of Medical Technology Cluster IMERI FMUI / Researcher



Medical Physics FMUI

Research Group


Artificial Intelligence in Medicine & Digital Health

Medical Instrumentation & Simulators

Interests and Specialties

Auditory Neuroscience, Biomedical Signal Processing, Neurotechnology, Medical Technology


Yusuf PA, Lamuri A, Hubka P, Tillein J, Vinck M, Kral A. 2022. Deficient Recurrent Cortical Processing in Congenital Deafness. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience.

Dhelika R., Hadi AF, Yusuf PA. (2021) Development of a Motorized Hospital Bed with Swerve Drive Modules for Holonomic Mobility. Appl. Sci. 11, 11356. 10.3390/app112311356

Nurhayati S, Rahadianti L, Chahyati D, Yusuf PA, Tenda ED, Yunus RE. (2021) Chest X-Ray Patch Classification for Tuberculosis Detection. International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information. IEEE Xplore.

Yusuf PA, Hubka P, Tillein J, Vinck M, Kral A (2021) Deafness weakens interareal couplings in the auditory cortex. Frontiers in Neuroscience 14, 1476. 

Yusuf, P., Susanto, A., Amelia, A., Supandi, D., Septhendy, Nadhif, M., Utomo, M., & Hamid, A. (2021). Recent updates in artificial kidney technology: Potential parsing for universal coverage burden of chronic kidney disease in Indonesia. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2344).

Nadhif, M., Utomo, M., Ferian, M., Taufikulhakim, F., Soerojo, N., Nain, M., Yusuf, P., Susanto, A., & Prasetyono, T. (2021). Cost-efficacy of skin grafting techniques using negative pressure wound therapy and tissue-engineered skin for burns. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2344).

Susanto, A., Findyartini, A., Taher, A., Susilaradeya, D., Ariawan, I., Dartanto, T., Takwin, B., Prasodjo, I., Yusuf, P., Sudarmono, P., Syam, A., & Wiweko, B. (2020). COVID-19 in Indonesia: Challenges and Multidisciplinary Perspectives for a Safe and Productive New Normal. Acta Medica Indonesiana, 52, 423–430.

Voigt MB, Yusuf PA, Kral A (2018) Intracortical microstimulation modulates cortical induced responses. Journal of Neuroscience 38 (36), 7774-7786. 

Yusuf PA, Hubka P, Tillein J, Kral A (2017) Induced cortical responses require developmental sensory experience. Brain 140 (12), 3153-3165. 

Kral A, Yusuf PA, Land R (2017) Higher-order auditory areas in congenital deafness: Top-down interactions and corticocortical decoupling. Hearing Research 343, 50-63.

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