Biomechanics and Rehabilitation

Biomechanics Research Group is focused on two major streamlines of biomechanics research: macro-level and micro level biomechanics. In the macro-level, the group actively studies gait analysis, motion recognition systems, and biomechanically-compliant phantoms. Meanwhile, the research in micro-level biomechanics is mainly about tissue biomechanics, mechanical stimulation in bioreactors, and material-tissue interaction. Besides that, the group is also involved in many developments of clinical technology related to biomechanical problems

On Going Research Projects :

  • Biomechanically compliant gynecologic simulator
  • ECMO membrane
  • Spinal simulator
  • Spinal stem cell introducer
  • Fabrikasi oxygen concentrator
  • Pengujian oxygen concentrator
  • Tissue Engineering Bioreactor technologies

Publications Highlights

List of HKI

Team Member

Principal Investigator : i.r Muhammad Hanif Nadhif, S.T

Research Assistant : Arindha Reni Pramesti, ST., M.Sc

Researcher :

Muhammad Irsyad, ST

Muhammad Satrio Utomo, ST., M.Sc